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No Fault, No Hassle Lifetime Warranty

"Outstanding product with even better customer service. I broke my 3 weight rod tip (great policy of 2 rod tips). San Juan got the new tip shipped out the same day. I can’t say enough good about the incredible customer service I received after the sale. It is very reassuring to know that San Juan backs their outstanding rods with such great customer support. I am now a lifetime customer and very enthusiastic supporter of San Juan Rodworks."

   Gary Niebrand - Arizona

Fly fishing can be a rough sport, especially on your rod. Between rocks, trees, car doors and your buddy's size 12 feet, rods can be easily damaged.

That's why when you purchase a San Juan Rodworks rod, you get a LIFETIME warranty with one of the most competitive fee structures in the industry.


The Gunnison, The Fryingpan and The Conejos Rods

Rather than going through the hassle, expense and time it takes to have you send in your entire rod, we will simply send you the section that needs replaced.  Here's the process to follow: 

  1. Choose your rod, length, weight and section that needs to be replaced from the items below.

  2. Email a picture of the broken section to along with the name, shipping address and order number from your original rod purchase.

  3. Pay the warranty fee and we'll get the section you need out to you ASAP. Place your order by 4PM Mountain Time and your replacement section will ship no later than the next business day. 

Custom Shop Rods - Contact us directly to create a warranty claim for any Custom Shop Rod

Rods built on San Juan Rodworks Blanks:

  • Custom rods built on San Juan Rodworks​ blanks are covered by our "No Fault, No Hassle Lifetime Warranty" as outlined below. 

  • The fee for replacing a custom shop butt section starts at $85, depending on cork reel seat components and customization selected.

  • For all other sections, the replacement fee is $50.

  • Failure of a rod blank or component due to a manufacturer's defect will be covered at no charge.

  • Generally, we'll be able to replace the damaged section without need for the customer to send it in.

  • Due to changes in material availability over time, some rods may no longer be repairable. We will always do our best to repair your rod or work with you to provide a satisfactory option. San Juan Rodworks reserves the right to increase warranty fees over time due to increased component costs. 

Rods built on Manufacturing Partners Blanks:

  • Warranty for rods built on our manufacturing partners blanks (Sage, R.L. Winston, CTS, Steffen Brothers, etc.) will be handled through each of those manufacturers specific warranty process (you can find a link to each manufacturers warranty page on our Custom Shop Blanks page). We will work on your behalf with the manufacturer to assist in getting your rod repaired and back to you as quickly as possible.

The Fine Print Legal Stuff

For The Gunnison, The Fryingpan, The Conejos and Custom Shop Rods built on San Juan Rodworks blanks, if the failure is due to the manufacturing defect, there will be no fee for replacement. Although we strive to do our best to ensure the tightest quality control, like any product, from time to time something can slip through the cracks. If you believe your issue is due to a manufacturing defect, please reach out to us so we can evaluate the issue and come up with an appropriate solution. Warranties do not cover flagrant abuse or intentional damage. Our warranty program is only valid for the original purchaser of the product and requires proof of purchase and photos of the broken section being replaced under the warranty program. Effective December 2023 the warranty replacement fee for The Gunnison, The Fryingpan and Conejos is $35 per rod section which includes domestic shipping. Custom Shop Warranty Fees and processes are outlined above. International shipping outside the US may require an additional shipping fee. San Juan Rodworks reserves the right to increase warranty fees over time due to increased component costs. In the case of discontinued rods, colors or designs, we may substitute a comparable rod or component if necessary.. 

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