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Custom Shop Components

Below are examples of the components we can utilize when crafting your custom fly rod. These are some of the most popular options, but if you are looking for something specific you don't see here, let us know. We have access to other options as well. Keep in mind not all components work with each other. Variables such as blank size and usage may limit what options you can choose from.

Complete Reel Seat

As the name implies, complete reel seats come as one complete unit. Often times made entirely of anodized aluminum, nickel or even titanium. There are however options in this category with a wood insert. We source our reel seats from Lemke, Struble and ALPS among others.

Reel Seat Skeleton and Insert

Choosing to start with a reel seat skeleton for your custom rod gives you a lot of flexibility in defining its look and function. Pick your skeleton and then pair it with the wide array of exotic wood, carbon fiber, acrylic, or aluminum inserts found below. Again, keep in mind not every insert will work with every skeleton.

Cork Grips

The grip is the connection between you and your rod. We offer the finest grade grips made from cork sourced from Portugal. Many of our grips as well as some of our reel seats are turned by a local New Mexico craftsman, giving us the ability to create a grip shape and size exactly to your specifications.

Guides and Thread Wraps

Choose from single-foot or snake guides for your custom rod build. We also offer agate stripping guides from Struble. Then pick your thread wrap from our vast array of colors and types 

Hook Keeper and Winding Check

Finish off your custom rod with your choice of hook keeper and winding check

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